A Purposeful Year: Corey’s 2015 Reading Plan Wrap-Up Post

December 28, 2015 at 6:44 am 2 comments

popsugar-challengeAt the start of 2015, I set out to have the most intentional and thoughtful year of reading ever. I wanted to read with purpose, focusing on books both inside and outside my comfort zone that were engaging and mentally challenging as well as entertaining. I had goals and deadlines and aspirations — I even signed up for two different reading challenges to keep me honest.

And, for most of 2015, I read ferociously. I checked categories and authors off my list, I chose what I was reading with the challenges in mind, and I just basically read a ton. Travel helped — there were a lot of layovers and long train rides in 2015 — as did the fantastic local library I had access to for the first half of the year.

Then, in the autumn of 2015, I went back to graduate school and had a reading epiphany: reading isn’t a contact sport. It isn’t something to train for, it isn’t some kind of competition, and it isn’t something to kill yourself trying to do “best.” Since reading is something I love so much, I realized that it should be a treat, a pleasure, even a leisurely pursuit, not something you pull a muscle doing.

In consequence, my reading slowed down considerably after September, although what I have read since then, I’ve enjoyed a lot. I allowed myself time to enjoy each book and, if something wasn’t clicking, I didn’t force myself to finish it. Life’s too short!

And so I come to the end of 2015 with another year of reading under my belt, although not the one I originally pictured! For my first-ever reading challenges, out of the combined 75 categories in the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and the Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge, I checked off 55, which feels like a pretty good chunk. As I had hoped, the challenges did force me to read some books that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise and to check some titles of my ever-growing TBR list. On the whole, life held a lot of changes for me this past year and I think it makes sense that my reading habits match.


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Reading Out Loud The LT Year in Reading: 2015 Edition

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  • 1. Kate  |  December 28, 2015 at 10:58 am

    “…reading isn’t a contact sport. It isn’t something to train for, it isn’t some kind of competition, and it isn’t something to kill yourself trying to do ‘best.'”

    THIS. I am officially over trying to read the “most” or the “best”!

    • 2. Corey  |  December 28, 2015 at 11:23 pm

      Here, here! There is something to be said for goals, of course, but also something in favor of reading as recreation. :)


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