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January 13, 2010 at 12:00 am 1 comment

…offering the best of the web’s literature-related clips and news items!

First off, the wonderful debate about book-Holmes vs. movie-Holmes continues over at the New York Times. I seriously cannot get enough of this (coming down firmly on the book-Holmes/”what have you done, Guy Ritchie?!” side of things). Where do you stand?

Secondly, remember the Second Book Syndrome? Well Eat, Pray, Love‘s Elizabeth Gilbert is finally back with her second book, rather sheepishly dubbed the book she “needed to write,” rather than something you “need to read.” Will it hold up to the phenomenal success of her first? I have absolutely no idea, but I think Curtis Sittenfeld‘s review is pitch perfect.

Thirdly, my favorite part of Publisher’s Weekly: Book Deals. In Book Deals, they basically write about whose book sold to whom and for what. It’s a great peek into what will be coming out in the next few years and what publishers are currently valuing. They have a new one every week (I believe), so check it out more than once!

Fourthly, a rather dispiriting article which touches on the new-found mini-generational technology-related gaps found between the “kids these days.” It ends with the utterly demoralizing line, “They will believe the Kindle is the same as a book.” It’s like my own personal apocalypse! Run in terror, mortals!

And, lastly, in honor of Literary Transgressions joining the Tweeting masses (follow us at @littransgressor), I thought you might want to further bulk up your Twitter buddy list with these fairly comprehensive lists of authors who Tweet. Masable and Squidoo both have exhaustive lists, neither of which turned up very many famous names. I can only assume this means that authors are either a) not embracing Twitter as a medium (scorn for the 140 character limit perhaps?) or b) have embraced it but are using the ever-so-literary nom de plume in hopes that their hoards of fanatical followers will not further internet-stalk them (aren’t websites enough?! they vainly cry). Anyway, here are the three I found who you might actually recognize while I wait for Anne Fadiman, Umberto Eco, and Susanna Clarke to suit up:

(Neil Gaiman, who is using it and doesn’t seem as weird as I thought he would be)
(Stephen Fry, who has whole-heartenedly embraced the medium and is quite interesting. Warning, though, he has a book due at the end of the month and has thus currently forsworn all internet communications. He’ll be back no doubt.)
(J.K. Rowling, who seems to have given it the ole college try before abandoning it)


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  • 1. KT  |  January 13, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Oooh, I read that NYT article and it freaked me out! As someone who is resisting both smartphone and e-book at the crotchety old age of 23, it scares me that kids being born today won’t know the difference between my gorgeous hardbound Jane Eyre and the Kindle edition of the same novel.

    Additionally, I love how J. K. Rowling tweeted three times in three minutes and then gave up. Fantasy writers strike me as a bit old-fashioned and not prone to Tweeting!

    Also on Twitter, though, is @ruthreichl, author of my favorite food books ever and former editrix of Gourmet.


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